Tony Knuckles

Tony Knuckles

During Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Tony Knuckles is the leader of a gang in Lego City. He does not appear in Lego City: Undercover. His gang is responsible for stealing all kinds of different equipment from a construction site in Cherry Tree Hills. Chase is ordered to investigate the problems at the construction site and begins to track down all of the gang members. Eventually, Chase and Tony come face to face in an all out brawl.


Tony is a smooth man with a strong attitude. He is pretty optimistic even up to his own demise.


Tony Knuckles and his gang have been stealing supplies from the contruction site in Cherry Tree Hills, which attracts the attention of the police. Chase encounters each of Tony's gang members by tracking down all of the thefts. The gang is hostile towards Chase and refuses to back down peacefully. After defeating each member, Chase then goes after Tony. Chase and Tony become entangled in a physical fight. Tony Knuckles is a tough man to beat and the battle continues for a while. In the end, Chase manages to beat Tony. Tony is then arrested and turned over to the police department.

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