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Frank Honey

Frank Honey is a rookie police officer of Lego City during the events of Lego City: Undercover. He does not appear in Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins.


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Frank is a quirky man who likes to be included in the action as much as possible. He's very jumpy and hyperactive, never slowing down for anything. As a very emotional man, he is constantly causing trouble for Chase McCain, who he obsesses over as a personal idol. His youthful and reckless attitude leads him to a variety of colorful results.

Despite being romantically interested in Ellie Phillips, she does not appear to return the affection, only finding it a little adorable. Unlike Chase McCain, he has no interest in Natalia Kowalski what-so-ever. Frank does not appear as a man that would have an easy time dating, his air headed nature not capable of focusing enough on a love life. He really just seems like he would bounce around and never actually be capable of martial bonding. Kids would probably exhaust him and a married life would likely fly over his head.

As a police officer, he is not very good at doing what he is supposed to, having trouble following orders due to a lot of difficulty with concentration. He can never seem to focus enough to really succeed as an officer, even from a rookie standpoint. It should be noted that his unstable personality also makes it hard for him to control a vehicle or even a horse.


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Chase climbing the Honey Hotel in Paradise Sands

Frank is the child of wealthy parents, his family owning a very classy hotel in the vacation resort of Lego City, Paradise Sands. Thus he would have been educated at a private school with a high cost for attending. After finishing school, he must have joined the police department in Cherry Tree Hills, in order to live out his dream of one day being a famous police officer like Chase McCain. It is not known precisely when he joined the force, however, it would have been no longer than two years ago, as he does not appear in Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins.

As a rookie officer, Frank sometimes calls Chase on his communicator to help him out. However, he is not really that helpful during the events of Lego City: Undercover. Honestly, he poses as more of a nuisance than genuine assistance.

While his parents are never shown, Chase McCain has to climb the Honey Hotel during an assignment to reach another building. At the Honey Hotel, Frank is busy swimming in the hotel pool with a horse that he got from the rural police department in Lego City.

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Frank lounging in a pool with a horse at his parents' hotel

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